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(Last Updated On: October 31, 2023)

When I found out this Cauldron Hot Tub was located at cabins near Mount Rainier – it immediately went on my Washington Bucketlist. This is such a unique experience near Mount Rainier National Park that is the perfect way to start or end your day of adventures! I’m going to break down all the info you need to know and how to have the best experience at this odd, but charming place known as the Cannibal Hot Tub at Paradise Village.

Photos in collaboration with Logan Reavis.

There are a lot of Mt Rainier Cabins with Hot Tubs, but nothing quite like this Cauldron Hot Tub experience! Check out my guide to Cannibal Hot Tub!

Where is the Cannibal Hot Tub near Mount Rainier?

This cauldron style hot tub and cabins near Mt Rainier are located just outside of Ashford, Washington. This is known as a gateway city into the National Park and one of the few towns near Mount Rainier with services. Ashford is accessible year round via highway 706, also known as Paradise Road to access Mount Rainier National Park.

Getting to Paradise Village Cauldron Hot Tub:

Driving will be your best option to get there and explore the National Park nearby. There isn’t great public transit or other options in that area, and if you opt for Uber or Taxi it will be VERY expensive. If you are renting a car, any standard vehicle will work well for getting to Paradise Village and the National Park.

Distance from Seattle: 2 hours

Distance from Portland: 2.5 hours

Why this Hot Tub Experience is so Unique:

I’ve been to a variety of weird and interesting hot springs, hot tubs and soaking experiences all over the United States. And I have to say, this is the most unique soaking situation I’ve ever experienced. It is literally a GIANT cauldron filled with water being heated by an ACTUAL fire that the hosts continuously check on and keep going for you.

There are large stones placed on the bottom of the Kettle so that you don’t burn your feet on the hot metal because WOW that water gets hot and the metal gets even hotter.

I love that I was able to visit here during October. It really felt like the perfect “spooky” Pacific Northwest activity to do. On their website they have “it is kind of like being boiled in a hot soup but it is an invigorating hot soup.” I was sold immediately haha.

There are a lot of Mt Rainier Cabins with Hot Tubs, but nothing quite like this Cauldron Hot Tub experience! Check out my guide to Cannibal Hot Tub!

Cannibal Hot Tub Details and Important Information:

Here are some tips to help you get the most of your experience and feel confident reserving the right experience and time that works for you.

Is the Cauldron Hot Tub for guests at the hotels and cabins only?

No, luckily you do not need a reservation at the Paradise Village Hotel or Cabin stays in order to reserve a time slot at the hot tub. But also, if you do reserve a room or cabin there, unfortunately time at the hot tub and/or sauna does NOT come with your reservation. No discounts are available either for staying with them. I love that this opens up the experience for more people, but also makes this trip rather expensive.

What kind of reservations are available? How far in advance should I book?

The Summer is a busy month for this area, so what time of year you are planning your trip will determine how far in advance you should book. Since we went during the week in October, we had no problem booking just a week or so before the dates we wanted. In the Summer months and weekends, I recommend booking over a month in advance.

What are the Prices for Cannibal Hot Tub?

The rate for reserving the Cannibal Hot Tub is NOT per person, but rather for reserving the tub. So bring your friends along to make the price a bit more reasonable per person. I’d say no more than 6 people would be an ideal group. (Prices as of 2023)

  • One Hour at Cannibal Hot Tub: $140
  • Two Hours at Cannibal Hot Tub: $190
  • Three Hours at Cannibal Hot Tub: $270

Should I add on the Sauna Bundle?

There is also a sauna and sauna house with a bathroom and shower that is quite nice located right next to the Cannibal Hot Tub. We added on the Sauna, but honestly we barely used it. From what I know, even without booking the sauna, you still get access to the bathhouse to put all your belongings. If we had a really large group, the sauna bundle would make sense to swap between the sauna and Cauldron Tub.


  • One Hour at Cannibal Hot Tub with Sauna: $215
  • Two Hours at Cannibal Hot Tub with Sauna: $305
  • Three Hours at Cannibal Hot Tub with Sauna: $380
  • Four Hours at Cannibal Hot Tub with Sauna: $450

How Long Should I Reserve the Cannibal Hot Tub for?

We had a two hour reservation, and I’m glad we did. The water is HOT and a valve for cold water is attached to the tub to control the temperature, but it took us a WHILE to get the tub to a tolerable temperature. Had we only been there for an hour, I think we wouldn’t have had enough time to enjoy the hot tub.

More about Paradise Village – Restaurant

We timed our hot tub time reservation perfectly with dinner. We wandered over to the restaurant on site and thoroughly enjoyed the delicious food they have available. Paradise Village is owned by a Ukrainian family and they serve traditional Ukrainian dishes, beer and dessert! This was seriously such a treat and the family is SO kind and attentive.

Where to Stay: Mt Rainier Cabins with Hot Tubs and More!

If you’re looking for convenience, the hotel rooms and cabins at Paradise Village have been renovated and look really nice with good reviews! Check them out HERE.

Other Nearby Hotels and Cabins near Mount Rainier:

We chose to stay in Packwood, Washington about an hour away at a really cute cabin and had such a lovely time. Check out my itinerary and things to do there HERE.

Packing List for Cannibal Hot Tub Experience:

Luckily most of the things you need to enjoy the cannibal hot tub are included in your reservation. Towels and wood to keep the cauldron hot tub going are provided by Paradise Village.

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Other Destinations and Experiences Nearby:

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There are a lot of Mt Rainier Cabins with Hot Tubs, but nothing quite like this Cauldron Hot Tub experience! And this is such a unique soaking tub for any time of year and is so much fun with a group of friends. Make it an adventurous getaway with my Mount Rainier itinerary!

Let me know in the comments if you’ve seen anything like this before!

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