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(Last Updated On: July 8, 2021)

The Redwood Sky Walk in Humboldt County California has recently opened and I’m a BIG fan. Maybe that’s because it is less than 10 minutes from where I live haha. The Sky Walk is such a great way to gain a different perspective and appreciation of the incredible scale and beauty the redwood trees offer. Learn everything you need to know to plan your visit here!

Walk among the Redwood trees on the Redwood Sky Walk. This California must-see is a perfect add on from Highway 101. Photo Tips and More in this guide to the Redwood Sky Bridges

Land Acknowledgement: Wiyot Lands. Find what Native Land you are visiting by using the app Native Land! I encourage you to read the history and culture of the Indigenous people who’s land you are visiting! The Wiyot Tribe has recently declared the effects of climate change on the local rivers a state of emergency. Read more on their website and consider contacting them to donate if you are able.

All photos in collaboration with Johnathon DeSoto.

The Redwood Sky Walk

Sky Bridges in Eureka California. Humboldt County suspension bridges in the redwood trees.

Where is the Sky Walk located?

The Redwood Sky Walk is located in Humboldt County in Northern California. It is a new installment of the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka California located not far from the 101 highway.

If you are taking the 101 Highway as part of a road trip, I highly suggest stopping here on your way.

Address: 3414 W St, Eureka, California 95503

Getting to Sequoia Park Zoo and Getting in to the Redwood Sky Bridges

Redwood Sky Walk at Sequoia Park Zoo

To access the Redwood Sky Walk, you must enter through the front ticketing area of the Sequoia Park Zoo. Parking is located along the street and side streets near the zoo. Parking has never been an issue in the past, but could become more crowded as the Sky Walk gains popularity.

Price of Admission to the Redwood Sky Bridges (2021)

taken from www.redwoodskywalk.com

Once you’ve paid admission, continue straight through to the walkway and follow the left curve along the flamingo exhibit. Less than a 2 minute walk along this path you will see the Redwood Sky Walk ascent ramp and Signage.

Best Time to visit the Redwood Sky Walk

Platform bridges that are suspended in the redwood trees at the Redwood Sky Walk in Humboldt County.
ADA accessible walkways at Redwood Sky Walk

Hours of Operation of Redwood Sky Bridges:

The Sky Bridges are open TUESDAY-SUNDAY from 10am-5pm. Last entry is at 4pm.

I personally like getting there in the morning when it first opens, as it is usually less crowded. The Redwood Sky Walk has a lot of opportunities for photos and you can absolutely achieve photos without people in them.

Things to Know about the Redwood Sky Walk:

Complete Guide to Visiting Suspension bridges through the Redwood Trees in Northern California
  • ADA Accessible. The platforms (minus the “adventure section”) are sturdy and designed for people that use wheelchairs to enjoy as well.
  • 1/4 mile total distance to the end and back
  • Longest Sky Walk in the Western half of the United States
  • Bridges are 100 feet above the forest floor in some sections
  • There are 9 total platforms connected by bridges that sit 1/3 of the way up the redwood trees.
  • You will feel movement when walking along the pathways.

For the Adventurous:

Forest Suspension Bridges in California. An Adventurous Getaway
Adventure bridge

If heights and moving platforms don’t freak you out, there are sections of bridges that are the “adventure bridges” and have more of a suspension bridge type feel. They swing and are not rigid like the ADA accessible platforms and walkways.

These are really fun to photograph and give a different perspective since they dip down. But I’ll be honest, my blood pressure definitely went up while walking on these!!

Photo Guide to the Redwood Sky Bridges

Redwood Sky Bridges in Eureka California Sequoia Park Zoo

If you are wanting good photographs, here are some things to note!

Time of Day:

The morning is best for lighting and for the crowd factor. The lighting is hit or miss because the marine layer typically doesn’t burn off until early afternoon, but you will most likely get a moody forest in the morning.

If you do get any light, it will be soft and sift through the trees in small sections. It is a rather dense forested area, so there isn’t a lot of light to begin with.


These Redwood Sky Bridges offer a lot of different perspectives and angles. Play around with having a subject on one of the far bridges. I’ve yet to explore all the perspectives here and absolutely plan to go back to do so. I focused on getting shots down the adventure bridges, as they happened to be open and free of people during my visit.

If you are wanting photos from below the sky bridges looking up, go to Sequoia park around the corner from the zoo and enter the park forest trail section. You will very quickly be able to see the platforms and suspension bridges in the distance. Just follow the trails going towards these bridges and pretty soon you’ll be underneath them!

If you’re interested in what camera gear I used, check out my blog HERE.

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Save for Later and comment if you’d be able to walk on these bridges supsended 100 feet in the air!!

Walk among the Redwood trees on the Redwood Sky Walk. This California must-see is a perfect add on from Highway 101. Photo Tips and More!

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