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Summary: coastal spots for sunrise and sunset, Oregon coast hiking spots, photo spots Oregon coast. *I use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases.

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For my belated birthday celebration, I drove up to the Southern Oregon Coast to meet up with my travel buddy Jhamil Bader (@jhamilbader). We spent time taking pictures at sunrise and sunset with naps in between. I’ve compiled some of my favorite places from multiple road trips in this area! Can’t wait to hear what you think of these photo spots on the Oregon Coast.

NOTE: Locations are in geographical order from North to South for photo spots on the Oregon Coast


  • Total drive time from North destination to South Destination is 1 hour
  • Mileage from North to South is 58 miles

1 Floras Lake State Natural Area

photo spots Oregon coast
photo by Jhamil Bader

This will take a bit of researching if you are to come here. I was lucky to have a guide to get here. Due to the low amount of traffic that is currently at this spot, and the delicate area I do not want to share any more details of this specific spot, but any trails in this area along the coast are breathtaking.

Important factors to consider when hiking in delicate, low trafficked areas:

  • leave no trace – pack out what you bring in (that includes toilet paper)
  • if the trail is small and narrow, do your best to stay on trail and do not stray off as this damages the vegetation and begins to widen trails.
  • Tag responsibly – if it is an area that does not have facilities to handle large groups of people, consider not naming the exact location where you are hiking.

Native Land Acknowledgement: Tututni and Tolowa Dee-ni’ Lands

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2 Sharkfin Rock at Gold Beach

Photo taken by Brenna Buckwalter

This place was a happy accident for me. I was driving down the coast towards Brookings to move to California and happened to hit Gold Beach, Oregon at sunset. So I pulled over at the beach viewpoint and my friend Brenna and I gawked at this perfect sunset for a while before hitting the road again.

Stats: Drive up spot

Tips: bring warm layers, as the coast is typically cooler than inland and prepare for potential winds. (My current favorite layer for road trips HERE at 60% off!)

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Native Land Acknowledgment: Tututni and Tolowa Dee-ni’ land

3 Myers Creek Beach

Photo spots on the Oregon Coast
photo by Jhamil Bader

We spent time here mid-day and had fun exploring this beach. There are many different rock features including a “hole in the wall” cutout in a rock. This was a great spot to hang out and would be good for any time of the day.

Stats: Drive up spot with a short trail to get down to the beach.

Tips: We had fun playing with photos feature the reflection of rocks/people in the wet sand.

Native Land Acknowledgment: Tututni and Tolowa Dee-ni’ land

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4 Secret Beach

Photo spots on the Oregon Coast
Photo by Disa Wold

Secret beach isn’t a secret. You can literally type it into google maps haha. I have been here for sunrise and sunset now. The photo above was from sunset and we had lovely golden light beaming through the rocks.

Stats: 1.6 miles, 374 ft elevation gain

Tips: to get to the viewpoint on the first picture, when you get to the view of the coast, head to the right and uphill. Keep left on the trails and you’ll see a small trail to the left to go out on this rock.

Alternative view: when you get to the view of the coast, head down and to the left to get to the beach for a photo. (see below)

Photo spots on the Oregon Coast
photo by Jhamil Bader

Native Land Acknowledgment: Tututni and Tolowa Dee-ni’ land

5 Natural Bridges

Photo spots on the Oregon Coast
Photo by Jhamil Bader

I have attempted to take photos of this spot 3 TIMES. This has been on my list of photo spots on the Oregon coast for SO long. This most recent time was the first time it wasn’t totally fogged in at sunrise. Sunset would be ideal as it is less likely to have the marine layer of fog that you have to worry about burning off, BUT when we pulled up for sunset, the parking lot was packed and people had their cameras/tripods already in place. At sunrise, we had the place to ourselves for over an hour before the first people showed up.

Stats: walk up spot to viewpoint from parking lot.

Tips: instead of going to the trail at the left side of the parking lot, take the trail to the right and find your way down onto the bridges like the photo shown above. I’ve been told that during the winter is the best time to get the sun streaming through the bridges.

Native Land Acknowledgement: Tututni and Tolowa Dee-ni’ Lands

6 Whaleshead Viewpoint/Beach

Photo by Brenna Buckwalter

MORE ROCKS!! We had a late start getting out for this morning and it was a pretty overcast day. This was such a peaceful morning walking along this beach with only a few other people out doing the same. We met some cute pups too!

Stats: 2.9 mile loop, 600 ft elevation gain

Tips: I imagine this place would be great at sunset for photos as well. You hike down onto the beach and the elevation allows you to take a picture of the whole beach from up high.

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Native Land Acknowledgement: Tututni and Tolowa Dee-ni’ Lands

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  1. Farrah on October 22, 2020 at 3:19 am

    Definitely adding these to my travel bucket list! I’ve been on one PNW road trip so far but didn’t go by the coast yet (there will definitely need to be multiple trips <3)!

  2. Sunetra on October 22, 2020 at 7:15 am

    Oh your photos make me miss this place!! I have been here few years ago but definitely missed few spots! Will pin this for my future travels, Thanks for all the useful information.

  3. Travelling Tam on October 23, 2020 at 2:43 am

    You’re such a great photographer! These are really atmospheric spots. So wild and rugged <3

  4. Nidia on October 23, 2020 at 9:57 am

    Oh wow! This place looks so amazing! Some shots looks as if they were taken on Iceland or somewhere like that! Would never know about this place or considered visiting. Now it seems a must! Tnx 😀

  5. cass on October 23, 2020 at 3:36 pm

    The Southern Oregon coast looks really beautiful. I love how you experimented to find so many different perspectives!

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