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(Last Updated On: October 4, 2021)

I sat on my friend, Brenna’s, couch coaxing her cat to come out from hiding while simultaneously pouring more wine. It had been one of those weeks. We agreed we needed to get out of the city, go off grid. A stay on Galiano Island looked all parts charming and perfect. And if you haven’t been to Canada’s islands on the west coast of British Columbia yet, add it to your bucketlist.

Cabin in the woods

It didn’t even cross my mind that it was Valentine’s weekend that we booked. We all have boyfriends, but nothing was about to get in the way of our much needed soul revival.


Getting to Galiano Island

A three hour drive from Seattle, Canada border crossing and ferry ride later, we arrived in one of the quaintest towns I’ve ever seen. We pulled up to the all-in-one grocery store/gas station/drug store and decided we probably needed one more bottle of wine and maybe even some fruit.

The road was lined with carefully plowed snow, trees hugging the sides, creating a tunnel into the heart of the island. We were alone on the road for the 15 minute drive to our cabin; and my heart sang.

Planning your trip!

You will need a vehicle on this island to get to the unique stay on Galiano Island. This will require reserving a ferry from the Tsawwassen terminal to the Galiano Sturdies Bay terminal.

Pricing and Booking a Ferry to Galiano Island

The ferry ride to Galiano island is about 1 hour and costs around $115 with a standard vehicle. It is a really scenic ride with stops at other islands along the way.


Our Stay in the British Columbia Islands

We trudged up the snowed-in driveway, carefully balancing the homemade chili that we’d survive off of the next two days, and were greeted by the warm glow of string lights and the quiet of the forest. The three of us girls lit up like children on Christmas. This was exactly what we needed.

Cabin in the woods

Off-Grid Getaway on Galiano

Soon the smell of chili filled the cabin, we cozied up on the couch with wine, wool socks, and over-sized sweaters giggling about cat videos we’ve watched, bonding over hardships we’ve endured.


The next morning, we made french toast and mimosas. We lazily walked down the road, sun hitting our faces, as we wandered to the edge of the island to see the glistening water and build a snowman.


We hit the road, cruising along the main island road towards Montague harbor to catch the moody sunset (there was absolutely no sunset, but it was still gorgeous). After, we decided to try out Hummingbird Pub, the local watering hole (The only restaurant open). There was a spot open by the fire place.

moody harbor

The bartender sat down three Kokanees, stating, “You girls drank us out of these! Sorry we don’t have anymore!” We paused our game of Uno to cheers to island life, no cell phone service, and the adventures we’ve shared.


It is our last night in the cabin. I set out canvas and paints and conversation slows as we become absorbed in our own work. We take turns with the headlamp to trudge out to the snowy outhouse one last time before tucking into bed. We fall asleep to the sound of the woods, and my soul is calm.

Plan your Stay to this Unique Stay on Galiano Island

This Airbnb is priced at around $100 a night with fees. Honestly feels like such a low price for how charming this stay was.

Cabin Details

  • 200 square feet
  • Up to 4 guests
  • 2 Beds (1 Full, 1 pullout couch)
  • Fully Stocked Kitchen
  • Outdoor Shower and Composting Toilet

Book Galiano Island Rustic Cabin

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