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(Last Updated On: January 26, 2021)

Bryce Canyon

Read my tips to make the most out of Bryce Canyon National Park!

Bryce Canyon National Park is incredibly unique. It blows my mind that this park is only a 4 hour drive away from Arches and yet SO different.


  • Hoodoos: odd-shaped pillars of rock left standing from the forces of erosion
  • Windows: Holes in the rock carved by frost and erosion

Getting There: 

We pulled into Bryce Canyon around 11:00am and went straight to the campgrounds to scope out a site, and we were successful!

Where to Stay:

  • Lodging – Rent a lodge or cabin within the park if camping is not for you
  • Camping – There are two decent sized campgrounds open during the peak season. $20 for tents, $30 for RVs
    • North Campground
    • Sunset Campground
  • Outside of the Park – There are hotels within 5 miles of the park

Based on the hikes we knew we wanted to do, we wanted to camp in the North Campground as it was close to the trailheads.

Also – We didn’t realize Bryce Canyon is situated at 9000 feet elevation. Bring warm clothes for the night!!

What Hikes to Do:

Day 1: After setting up camp head over to the Navajo Loop Trail. 

Navajo Loop Trail 

  • 1.4 mile loop trail
  • Heavily Trafficked
  • Descend into the canyon and then loop to ascend to get out -MODERATE difficulty uphill
  • 1-2 hours

It truly felt like a pilgrimage to another world.

On your way back to camp you can stop at Sunset and Sunrise Points to overlook the canyon.

Day 2: Fairyland Loop Trail

Pack lunch and leave at the crack of dawn. Layer up – it was chilly for us in the morning and progressed to high 80s by the end. Between 7 am (when we left) and 9 am. We saw maybe 3 other hikers – such a contrast to the other hikes and other parks.

  • 8.5 mile hike
  • Mix of uphill and downhills
  • Up-close view of hoodoos
  • Lightly trafficked in the morning
  • Best views of all canyon terrain
  • 1535 ft elevation gain

Seriously one of the most incredible hikes. If a difficult rating is too much for you, you are definitely able to walk in and turn around whenever you want to and still get a taste.

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