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(Last Updated On: December 8, 2018)

Ahhh procrastination is real. Here’s what I’ve been up to!

1. Glacier National Park – September 2018

We apparently just missed a grizzly bear and her cubs on this trail. We ended up seeing a moose which was definitely a first for all of us. 

Glacier National Park
A group of girls that barely knew each other were brought together by my friend Sam for her birthday. Collectively, we journeyed from three different states to get here. 
Iceburg lake
Iceberg Lake was pretty incredible. 

2. North Cascades Fire Lookout

photo taken by Torrey Merrit
Michael and Torrey
Photo by Chandler Baker

3. Goldmyer Hot Springs

Photo taken by Jacob Penderworth
We managed to hitch a ride with some volunteers to skip out on the boring, flat stretch of a hike to get to these springs.

4. Enchantments

Over 20 miles with 6000 ft elevation gain. This crew rocked it. (Laura, Brenna, Taryn, Ben)

One of the many lakes we saw in the 12 hours of hiking
Goat friends

5. Mount Pilchuck

My friend Chris was visiting from Michigan and we had incredible views at the top with barely any people!

Chris digging for snacks

6. Rainier National Park

Marvin Boyd and I ditched work early on a week day to catch sunset in Rainier National Park.
The only photo I took… on my iPhone

Marvin making me look cool

7. Highway 2 Shenanigans 

Michael Flugstad after catching sunrise at a lookout off of highway 2. It was the first time I spent the night in my Nissan Juke. 

iPhone photo for the win of John, Connor and Michael. (Not sure where Torrey disappeared to) 

8. Somewhere near Leavenworth, WA

Crazy random adventure at a cabin thanks to Connor Willgress. Rad photo thanks to Matt Mattox. Not shown: Katrina that I had the pleasure of meeting for the first time!


Connor and Matt

8.  Rattlesnake Part 1

This hike has become a favorite of mine because of how close it is and the high reward for moderate effort. This photo was taken by Disa and it is one of my favorites. 

Don’t mind that her face is out of focus. I have fixed my camera since this annoying issue. Still a photo I enjoy of Disa

the lovely Holly

9. Snoqualmie and Boardman Tree Farm

Taken on iPhone. I met up with Michael Flugstad at sunrise to help him with some product work and then made my way down to Bend Oregon for a birthday party!

Boardman tree farm was magic and the first time I ever used a tripod to take a photo of myself. So sad that this place is being destroyed for farming. 

10. Bend Oregon area

Photo by Jacob Penderworth. Crazy that he caught this unintentional hair flip

Another photo from Jacob at a lake from a hike I don’t remember the name of haha

Andddd another from Jacob at Smith Rock the next day

11. Canada

Marvin marveling

Marvin and I hung out at a river waiting for new friends to join

On our way home Marvin couldn’t help but stop with the colors of this field 

12. The Rainiest Hike of My Life

I snapped this photo on the way up to the trailhead. Its the only decent photo from this day because of the rain.

First time hiking with Hillary and Tyler. A bonding experience for sure.

13. Rattlesnake Part 2

The only photo I have from this sunrise jog with Adam. I guess I was distracted heh.

14. Rainier with the fam

My sis Chelsea took this on her phone

We stayed at a cute cabin where we struggled to make a fire in the wood stove. 

15. Girls night at Little Si

Photo by Disa
Angela, Disa and Eva

16. Snow Lake 

The lovely Marina left Seattle and moved to New York this week. Can’t wait to visit her!

Photo by Marina Rusinow

Wow. When you put all my nature excursions together it seems like a lot. ANd this isn’t including my recent trip to Oregon! Thanks for following along!

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