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(Last Updated On: March 1, 2021)

Summary: Best Jackets, shoes, hiking gear and more, my road trip essentials. *I use affiliate links and may receive a small commission on purchases. Thanks for your support!

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I’ve been meaning to write about what I take on road trips for a while. I’ve put in a lot of energy and time into creating and minimizing my road trip essentials! I like to stay comfortable, but have staples that photograph well in the outdoors. Here are my favorite road trip essentials! Sorry to my men followers. Check out my gear recommendations on my Backpacking gear blog post HERE.


I have cross over clothing that works for hiking and also “wander-babe” cabin vibes…if you know what I mean. This helps me minimize my road trip essentials.


1 Backcountry Sundial Legging (on sale right now for $30)

A good pair of leggings goes a long way. I typically only bring one or two pairs of leggings like this. I love that these have pockets and also are better insulated for those early morning sunrise shoots and getting cozy after sunset. They also look nice enough that you can throw on boots, a fleece and a hat and are cabin ready as well!

2 dish Heritage Blue High Rise Skinny Jean (25% off right now)

JEANS! I love that brands are coming out with a jean that works for outdoor enthusiasts. These jeans are more flexible and increased breathability – which will definitely cut down on odor and you can get away without washing them haha! I only bring one pair of jeans and these are definitely my favorite brand. I’ve even worn these hiking and they are legitimately comfortable.

3 Backcountry On The Go Ankle Pant (45% off!!)

Ohhh myyy have I been obsessed with these. I’ve only ever worn leggings hiking, but these are next level comfortable. I also just love wearing them while in the car when driving between places because of how flexible and loose they are in the right places. They are also VERY flattering for the behind haha. These will forever be on my road trip essentials list.

4 Backcountry On the Go 3.5in Relaxed Short (25% off!!)

And basically the same as above, but the shorts version!! SO COMFY and cute. These can easily be worn for hiking or for lounging.

road trip essentials


1 Toad&Co Hutton Sherpa Jacket (60% off omg)

I don’t feel like I really need to say anything about this jacket. JUST LOOK AT IT! It is the perfect amount of warmth and I’m so looking forward to this being a staple in the Fall. It looks cute with leggings or jeans. Available in Rose and Salt.

2 Arc’teryx Cerium LT Hooded Down Jacket (30% off)

You’ve probably seen me wearing this jacket in pretty much every post on IG. It hasn’t let me down. It is an investment (which is why you should definitely take advantage of this sale), but the 850 down keeps me so warm up in the mountains, the construction is actually flattering for a puffy (unlike most that are boxy), and it takes up very little space in your backpack when you aren’t wearing it (comes with a stuff sack). I even convinced my boyfriend to get the same jacket because he was always so much colder than me on beach nights!

Photo by Jhamil Bader

3 Stoic Merino Blend Crew Baselayer Top (50% off!)

A wool base layer has saved me countless times. I’m able to sneak this under my jackets for photos and it adds so much warmth. It is also very cozy as a pj shirt up in the mountains for backpacking.

4 prAna Becksa Bralette (30% off)

I’m a big fan of sports bras that can double as a top with jeans and as a layer itself! Also this color is very cute for fall coming up.

road trip essentials

5 Patagonia Cross Beta Sports Bra

And of course a sports bra with a cute back for summit photos.

road trip essentials

6 L Space Float On Ribbed One-Piece Swimsuit (20% off!)

I love a classic swimsuit that is flattering and has a low back. If I’m posting pictures of myself in a swimsuit, I prefer to have my stomach covered.

7 Patagonia Organic Cotton Quilt Snap-T Pullover Sweatshirt (30% off!!)

This was such a staple for me in Alaska and has continued to be so on backpacking trips, hikes and road trips. Definitely a road trip essential.

8 Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket (25% off)

This rain jacket has done so many good things for me. The obvious – keeping me dry, but it also adds a windproof layer, insulation and is incredibly durable. Spending a lot of time in the PNW, I kept going through less expensive raincoats, replacing them almost every year. I don’t foresee that ever happening with this investment.

Photo by Jhamil Bader


1 Gigi Pip Miller Hat

Everyone needs a classic adventure hat. I find it’s the perfect prop for photos and can cover those no-shower greasy hair days.

2 Patagonia Black Hole 55L Duffel Bag

I have used this bag for everything: road trips, international travel, photo shoots. It has comfortable carrying handles and can also be worn as a backpack. Because it is a duffel bag, it opens easily to access everything you need.

3 Blundstone Super 550 Series Boot

If you look through my photos of shorter hikes, and cozy cabin attire – you’ll see me wearing these boots in every shot. A few years ago I did a ton of research on shoes that would be versatile and multi-functional. These truly do the job. I’ve even strapped micro spikes on these in Glacier National Park lol!! These will hold up, keep your feet comfortable and can get you pretty much anywhere.

Photo by Cole Lundberg

4 Birkenstock Arizona Soft Footbed Leather Sandal

When I’m not wearing my Blundstone’s….I am 100% wearing these. Birks are classic and feel like absolute heaven after getting off the trail.

5 Pendleton Cable Hat

A warm hat is so necessary for sunset hikes and for higher elevation hikes – even in the summer!! It might as well look cute too.

6 Basin and Range Paradise Romper (35% off)

I try to bring at least one dress or romper. Its nice to have a loose layer for really hot days and gives me something cute to wear if I end up in the city for a day while traveling.

NOTES on Road Trip Essentials:

See my blog post on what Hiking shoes are right for you HERE if you want information on what shoes I bring in addition to the Blundstone’s and Birkenstocks

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