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(Last Updated On: August 3, 2023)

It has taken me a while to dial in the right tools and gear that work for keeping everything running smoothly on the road. Having power on the road or in the backcountry is such a big deal for me to work remotely, check navigation tools, get help if I need it, and keep in touch with friends and family.

Through my recent partnership with mophie, I was able to try some game changing power accessories that kept up with all of my outdoor adventures!

Battery Pack for Backpacking and portable power for camping

Why You Should Invest in powerstations as an Adventurer


When I first got into camping, backpacking and road tripping, I would let my phone run out of

battery A LOT. I’d put it on airplane mode and only pull it out if I really needed to look at my maps. One time I was backpacking and the temperatures got so cold at night that my phone completely died. I had no backup power and my maps were all saved on my phone.

Long story short, having backup power like this is SO important. Even if you do not use your phone for maps, sending an SOS or aiding people in finding your last known location out in the backcountry or on the road is vital.

And these are even handy at home! I’ve lived in several areas that have lost power due to forest fires, unexpected outages, etc, and these powerstations allow me to continue with work and stay connected.


This one is pretty obvious, but having access to power banks that can rapidly charge your

devices is pretty ideal. I use my phone a lot to take photos and videos, and rely heavily on my computer to back up all my files and edit photos on trips.

Also, when I’m solo backpacking or camping, I prefer to have a podcast playing to reduce my anxiety as well, but this always sucks up so much battery! For how small some of these power accessories are – they’re always on my packing list now.

1. mophie powerstation pro AC

This is the biggest powerstation of the 3 options I recommend, and definitely the most versatile. The powerstation pro AC can be used on road trips, car camping trips, and even short hike-in camping trips. With this powerstation, you can access 130W of combined power to charge multiple devices at once from four port options (AC, USB-A, and two USB-C ports).

I love using this device to work remotely on the road. It is heavy duty, but still extremely portable and can charge my laptop or deliver up to 5 phone charges. It is also SO fast. I could not believe how quickly my phone charged. Like over 50% in about 30 minutes. And I have a feeling I’ll be using this to plug in a small fan when I’m camping in my van this summer.


  • It is about the size of a small planner or book and weighs just over two pounds.
  • Contains a 27,000mAh Internal Battery
  • Has an AC outlet for standard plugs
  • Fast charging power up to 60W


This device is the most expensive of the three at $199.95. Buy it HERE at ZAGG

2. mophie powerstation plus

This is definitely my most used power bank for adventures. It’s really compact (about the size of my iPhone) and I love that it has the USB-C and Lightning charging cables built into the design. My iPhone battery dies all the time because I forgot the right charging cable to plug in, so having these built in is perfect for me and just one less thing to remember when packing for an adventure.

I personally love using this power bank on all my adventures. I bring this backpacking, camping, on the plane, for city travel, etc. Similar to the powerstation pro AC, it charges my phone super FAST. When backpacking, my phone uses up a lot of battery between using AllTrails maps to navigate, my Garmin App, and just general phone usage. It’s so amazing to know this powerstation has me covered during all of my adventures.


  • About the size of a phone
  • Delivers up to 20W of power to charge your device at optimal speed.
  • Durable and very portable
  • Integrated cables with sleek design


This device is $79.95. Buy it HERE at ZAGG

3. mophie snap + juice pack mini wallet

Talk about convenience – this little accessory is so handy and easy to use. It magnetically snaps on to the back of my phone and can hold up to 3 cards in the built-in wallet. I am definitely bringing this to an upcoming bachelorette party so I can be the responsible one who has power at the end of the night to call an Uber.

This is also a great piece of gear to bring backpacking or camping, similar to the powerstation plus above. It is a lot smaller and can still charge one phone up to 100%. Since it charges wirelessly, I don’t have to worry about remembering to pack a cord.

I like to keep this charged up and will throw it in my hiking pack since my phone is pretty much always running on fumes by the time the afternoon rolls around. One other thing to note: if you’re like me and don’t have a phone case that’s compatible with MagSafe wireless charging, this comes with an adapter that you can attach to the back of your case (or phone) for instant compatibility.

I actually really like using this to charge my phone at night when I’m camping in the van. I don’t have any charging cables that reach my bed in my van, so it’s nice to have something that can give me a charge and allows me to keep my phone nearby.


  • Can be used to charge your phone anywhere: backpacking, camping, road trip, air travel, city travel
  • 1 full phone charge, contains 5,000mAh internal battery
  • Wireless MagSafe charging so you don’t have to worry about cables
  • Built in wallet is handy

Price: This one is the most affordable of the three at $49.95. Buy it HERE at ZAGG

Conclusion: Battery Pack for Backpacking, Camping, Road Trips and More

As you can see, these three devices are similar, but offer very different capabilities and portability options. Safety is the biggest reason I keep all three of these products on hand for my adventures. Having access to portable power for my phone or computer has helped me in SO many situations – outdoors and on the road – and I highly recommend trying these mophie products!

Additionally, all three of these powerstations are convenient. I love not having to worry about whether I’ll have enough battery to take photos of my friends or that sunset or to play music. Check out ZAGG.com for other power management solutions!

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