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(Last Updated On: January 14, 2021)

I’ve been a bit busy jumping from adventure to adventure. I have a lot I want to share on my blog, but do not have the time right now! I appreciate everyone who has stuck around through these consistent dry spells. Here’s a little bit of what I’ve been up to:


I have been fortunate enough to go backpacking 7 times so far this year, logging more backpacking miles than I ever have in previous years!

1. Ancient Lakes, Eastern Washington. April 2018

Multiple waterfalls on this easy hike in

Met these lovely ladies for the first time! Laura and Paige joined us for the weekend

2. Mount Baker, Washington. May 2018

I had just got back from Thailand and needed some nature therapy.

This is the first time I camped with my sister and her boyfriend 🙂

And of course Brenna was down to join!

3. Waptus Lake, Washington. June 2018

Photo from Brenna Buckwalter

We were so grateful for our fire that night. The adventure squad: Brenna, Laura, Ben


4. Eastern Washington Lake. July 2018


We kayaked in to this secluded island!

The crew: Brenna, Laura, Ben, Andy

tent under stars

We picked up an entire garbage bag of trash at this spot.

5. Wonderland Trail, Mount Rainier WA. July 2018

My coworker/friend Caitlin joined me for a one nighter in Mount Rainier!

We ended up putting in more miles than we anticipated. It was definitely a bonding experience

The Wonderland trail sure is a wonder

6. Rainbow- McAlister, North Cascades WA. July 2018

34 miles with the crew: Brenna, Laura, Ben, Courtney

7. Thunder Mountain Lake, WA. August 2018

The Crew: Alex and Liz

Favorite Day Adventures!! (In really no particular order)

1. Tolmie Peak, Mt Rainier WA

Hung out with the creative Mason Strehl

2. Rocky Mountain & Fort Collins CO

Quality time with my girl Kelsey. She started her residency in Fort Collins and I’m SO proud of her


3. Lake 22, WA

Met up with Michael, a super inspirational dude

4. Olympic National Park, WA

Hung out with creatives Erika and Eric again and met Caeleah and Jacob for the first time!

5. Blanca Lake, WA

My girls. Laura and Brenna

6. Mt Fremont Fire Lookout, Rainier NP WA

I don’t know if any sunset hike will ever beat this. My girls Brenna, Marina and Jasmine joined me for hot cocoa as the sun set over Rainier

7. Barclay Lake

A lovely day with the lovely Marina

8. Helicopter Tour. Seattle WA

A very delayed birthday gift for Chelsea and Scott that I got to benefit from

9. Colchuck Lake, WA

Classic hike with lots of bonding with Marina

10. Utah Roadtrip. Capitol Reef NP, Grand Staircase

When plans for Havasupai fall through due to flash flooding…just wing it with the best roadtrip with the best girls. Crew: Laura, Brenna, Rachel

11. Mount St Helens, WA

When you convince your friends to summit a mountain on Cinco De Mayo. Crew: Laura, Ben, Brenna

12. Bainbridge Island, WA

A quick and much needed evening excursion with Marina


Thanks for following along! Stay tuned for more adventures coming up!



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