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(Last Updated On: January 14, 2021)

I haven’t been in the Pacific Northwest long, but I did a decent amount of hiking last year. As I was researching hikes and backpacking trips for 2018, I couldn’t help but reflect on my favorite adventures from 2017. Here are my top 10 (in no particular order).

Ranking: Scale of 1-10. 1=Terrible, 5=Meh, 10=AMAZING

1.Hoh River Trail – 2 Night

Hoh River Trail – Olympic National Park

Me and my group of friends totaled 34 miles in essentially 2 days. I highly recommend spreading it out to enjoy everything thoroughly. That said, this trail has some EPIC views of rainforest areas, turquoise waters, remote camping spots, and insane mountains. We ambitiously tried to hike to the base of the glacier, but ended up turning back and camped at Lewis Meadow area.

Hoh River Trail – Olympic National Park

Effort: 5 (mostly due to the insane amount of miles in the little amount of time we gave ourselves)

Views: 8 (You have to hike pretty far in to see the mountains. SO worth it)

Human Traffic: 7 (we ran into a few other groups, and camped nearby some other people, but overall not very crowded).

  1. Ape Caves – Day Hike

I coerced my sister to tag along to the ape caves on our way down to Portland. One of the most terrifying hikes of my life (I am moderately afraid of the dark apparently). An experience like none other.

Effort:9 (minimal effort)

Views: 5 (This was more about the experience than the views)

Human Traffic: 8 (We went on a Friday and saw 2 other people)


  1. Heather Maple Pass (North Cascades National Park) – Day Hike

My friend Sam and I went to look for fall colors and ended up in a winter wonderland. It was the first snow of the season for me!

Effort: 6 (Moderately strenuous, but views the whole time)

Views: 8

Human Traffic: 4 (Busy hike)


  1. Gothic Basin – 1 Night

Me and two of my hiking gal pals spent a night here the first weekend of fall. It was chilly, but one of my top 5 favorite sunsets with incredible views.

Effort: 4 (difficult elevation)

Views: 9

Human Traffic: 4 (Busy. Hard to find a camping spot)


  1. Panorama Point – Mount Rainier National Park – Day Hike

I went without snowshoes last spring and do NOT recommend it. I went again just recently with snowshoes and it is such a mind blowing hike.

Effort: 6 (with snowshoes) (Rentals nearby)

Views: 10

Human Traffic: 3 (Very Busy)


  1. Tuck and Robin Lake – 1 Night

My sister’s first backpacking trip, and it was one for the books. Sunset, mountain goats, alpine lake, panoramic mountain views and a rainbow. GOODNESS.

Effort: 3 (VERY difficult with packs)

Views: 10

Human Traffic: 5


  1. Big Four Ice Caves – Day Hike

An easy, short hike to some really cool caves! Make sure to check trail reports! They do get snowed over.

Effort: 10 (EASY)

Views: 7

Human Traffic: 3 (Busy)


  1. Rialto Beach – 2 Nights

I grew up on lakes, not an ocean. The coast amazes me. Epic sunsets and starry nights never hurt.

Effort: 8 (Easy)

Views: 7

Human Traffic: 3


  1. Lake Ingalls – Day Hike

Mountain Lake

Stunning alpine lake. Just don’t accidentally miss the turn and hike 16 extra miles like I did.

Effort: 5 (Moderate)

Views: 8

Human Traffic: 5


  1. Diablo Lake – Day Hike

Turquoise waters of Diablo Lake

Easy hike. Incredible turquoise water.

Effort: 7

Views: 8

Human Traffic: 5





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