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(Last Updated On: May 8, 2022)

I’ve been SO excited to give you all the details on these incredible Oregon Treehouses we rented in January. This isn’t just your average PNW treehouse stay. This Treehouse resort, or Treesort if you will, had all the comforts for the perfect getaway. Ready to stay in the treetops? Let’s dive in.

Land Acknowledgement: Takelma, Tolowa Dee-ni’, Cow Creek Umpqua Lands.  Find what Native Land you are visiting by using the app Native Land! I encourage you to read the history and culture of the Indigenous people who’s land you are visiting and donate to their foundation if you are able! Oppression and social injustices continue to effect Indigenous People today and it is important to honor and stand with Indigenous People.

All Photos in Collaboration with Johnathon Desoto

About Out-N-About Treehouses: Oregon Treehouses

A few miles from the California border in Cave Junction Oregon, Out-N-About Treehouses sits next to the Siskiyou National Forest. Boasting views of mountains, forested hills, and a stunning tree canopy above. This unique stay was Featured in ‘The Country’s Most Bizarre (but awesome) B&Bs’.

Out-N-About Treesort is essentially a playground in the trees for both children and adults. Enjoy the large web of suspension bridges that connect you to your cabin in the sky.

A long list of activities includes: zip-lines, horseback riding, hiking, swimming, marijuana farms, and bonfires. One hour away from the Oregon Caves National Monument and Preserve (when open)!

Some Quick Stats about the Oregon Treehouses:

  • 15 total rentals
  • Open Year Round
  • Price ranges from $120-$330 per night.
  • No pets allowed
  • WIFI available and Cell Service for most providers
  • Common Spaces includes: BONFIRE PIT, BATH HOUSE, FULL KITCHEN

Location of Oregon Treehouses:

Click to Open Map
  • From Portland: 5 hours
  • San Francisco: 8 hours
  • From Seattle: 8 hours

Closest Airports:

  • Medford, OR
  • Eugene, OR
  • Crescent City, CA

Map of the Property!

Our Stay at the Oregon Treehouses

Majestree Treehouse

All the rentals here are charming in their own way! The 5 Treehouses I think are the most scenic to rent at Out-N-About Oregon Treehouses are:

  • Majestree
  • Forestree
  • Pleasantree
  • Treezebo
  • Serendipitree

Visit the Out-N-About Website Here.

The Majestree Treehouse Rental (Nights 1 & 2 for us)

We booked the Majestree (the largest, tallest) Treehouse on the property and were blown away by how nice it was. I truly did not expect there to be a full bathroom with a shower 47 feet off the ground.

This cozy treehouse gave us a little bit of a workout with access being five flights of stairs. Thank goodness they have a pulley system for your luggage!!

We happened to book one of the windiest nights and got to feel the treehouse rock in the winds. All treehouses are engineered with a stress analysis report and follow habitable treehouse standards, but I will admit it was unsettling haha. LUCKILY the next night was calm.

Things to know about Majestree Oregon Treehouse:

Queen Bed in Majestree
  • Sleeps 6
  • 3 beds (2 beds in the loft space)
  • 5 flights of steps to access
  • Kitchenette and bathroom in treehouse
  • Heat
  • Breakfast included!
  • 47 feet off the ground
  • $324 / per night (depending on season/day)

We both ended up working remotely there since WIFI was available. It felt like luxury having views of the foggy forested mountains from the PNW treehouse while working.

Book Majestree Treehouse!

If you’re a first time Airbnb user, use my link to sign up and get up to $65 off your first booking! *This is not sponsored. I would receive a small credit towards my next stay with Airbnb.

The Forestree Treehouse Rental (Night 3)

Our third night, we switched over (3 suspension bridges over) to the Forestree Treehouse at Out-N-About Treehouse Treesort. The cook got to know us and had our breakfast ready to go every morning (even accommodating my dairy intolerance!!). This Treehouse was MUCH smaller, but very cozy.

Things to Know About Forestree Oregon Treehouse:

  • Sleeps 4 (or 5 with a rollaway mat)
  • 3 beds (1 queen, two single bunks)
  • 3 flights of stairs, 2 suspension bridges
  • mini fridge
  • Toilet with curtain separator
  • Heat
  • Breakfast included
  • 35 feet off the ground
  • $185 / per night (depending on season/day)

Book Forestree Treehouse!

Pleasantree Treehouse Rental

Pleasantree Treehouse

We did not stay here, but had the opportunity to peak inside when no one rented it! It is very similar to Forestree in size and sleeping arrangements, but has a small deck on the front!

Things to Know About Pleasantree Oregon Treehouses:

  • Sleeps 4 (or 5 with a rollaway mat)
  • 3 beds (1 queen, two single bunks)
  • 3 flights of stairs, 2 suspension bridges
  • mini fridge, Heat
  • Full Bathroom
  • Deck
  • Breakfast Included
  • 30 feet off the ground
  • $200 (depending on season/day)

Book Pleasantree Oregon Treehouse

Treezebo PNW Treehouse Rental

Treezebo Treehouse in Oregon

This cozy Treehouse sits a little more tucked away from the other treehouses. The suspension bridge leading to it is VERY scenic and perfect for photos. Love how this treehouse seems to feel more immersed in the forest.

Things to know about Treezebo Oregeon Treehouse

  • Sleeps 4 (or 5 with fold down cot)
  • 4 beds ( 1 queen, 2 single bunks, 1 cot)
  • SEASONAL: March- September
  • 3 flights of stairs, 2 suspension bridges
  • Mini fridge, heat, toilet
  • Breakfast included
  • 35 feet off the ground
  • $285 / per night (depending on season/night)

Visit the Website for more booking info HERE or call 541-592-2208 or email treesort-office@treehouses.com to book.

Serendipitree PNW Treehouse Rental

Photo Credit: Out-N-About Treehouses

The Serendipitree treehouse only sits 12 feet off of the ground, making it the smallest but coziest treehouse on the property. Looks like and ideal romantic getaway if you ask me.

Things to know about Serendipitree Oregon Treehouse

  • Sleeps 4
  • 2 Beds (1 queen, 1 twin)
  • 1 flight of stairs
  • No kitchenette or toilet. Heat included
  • Closest bathroom 90 feet away
  • Breakfast included
  • 12 feet off the ground
  • $155 / per night

Visit the Website for more booking info HERE or call 541-592-2208 or email treesort-office@treehouses.com to book.

Unique and Quirky Things we LOVED about Staying Here

Tree Puns.

Prepare yourself for an absurd amount of tree puns. Some of our favorites:

  • Treesort
  • Amenitrees
  • Treeservation
  • Legalitrees
  • Forestree

Farm Animals at the Oregon Treehouses

The property sits on a farm with horses (available for horseback riding). It also felt like we met a different farm dog every day we were there. I even had a very friendly small dog happily follow me across the suspension bridges. And I could never forget the old, fat Black cat – Miss Thing.

Taylor’s Sausage

We drove the 20 minutes into Cave Junction one day to go to Taylor’s Sausage. It’s an old meat market/diner mixed into one. I’ve never seen so many different kinds of sausages. I ordered a jalapeno sausage to go with sauerkraut and Johnathon ordered a classic dog with loads of toppings.

I would LOVE to know in the comments below if you’d stay here and which one looks like the perfect rental for you!

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