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(Last Updated On: January 14, 2021)

Christmas in Vancouver, British Columbia was pretty OKAY (it was fantastic). For as little planning that my travel-mate and I did, we scored big with our Airbnb location and food/drink finds.

We only spent one night there, AND it was Christmas Eve, so there was a lot closed, but I’d go back to all the places we found again for sure.

I literally googled “Things to do in Vancouver” and this bridge offered some nature exposure on the unusually sunny day. When we parked and bought a ticket, we didn’t realize it was going to be $30. We were a bit grossed out by the price, but had no idea how much there was to do once inside the park. Definitely worth it.

-Suspension Bridge: the bridge itself was pretty impressive at 450 feet across. It was surprisingly hard to walk across from the movement of the bridge which sent me into a ridiculous non stop laughter for the first 5 minutes (possibly coping with my fear of heights)

– Tree Tops walk: they had lights strung up along the trees and you are able to walk on a series of suspension bridges high into the tree tops.

-Cliff Walk: Amazing views on a narrow walkway with decent elevation.

*Of course there was a gift shop there where I was able to purchase my magnet for my ever growing collection. Food and beverages available also.

  • Gas Town, Vancouver

We stayed in Gas Town district – the oldest neighborhood in Vancouver. It was delightfully charming.

-Steam Clock: This clock plays a tune and is powered by a steam engine. Clear glass allows you to see how it operates. There is also Steamworks Brewing Company right down the road (In case you go in the winter and need to warm up/watch the Seahawks lose).

– Walk Water Street: We bounced in and out of whatever shops (and bars) were open on Water street. The lights and brick walkways are charming. Water street is also where the steam clock is located.

-FOOD. Oh my goodness. The food scene in Vancouver looks EPIC. Lots of french varieties! We had limited options as we were attempting to make a reservation for Christmas Eve the day before…BUT we ended up at Wildebeest and it was delicious. Probably one of my favorite cocktails ever there called “horseradish sour”. My travel-mate had a beet inspired cocktail that was also delicious.







I definitely plan to go back with more time and not on a holiday weekend. Would definitely appreciate any recommendations in the comments below! (WAY below because technology is hard and I can’t figure out how to get the comment section higher up, heh)




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