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(Last Updated On: July 12, 2018)

It’s been a minute since one of my rants. Creative energy is flowing freely lately. I’m feeling inspired and overwhelmed with the opportunities this world has to offer. I’ve had a lot of time to reflect in the last couple of months. This is always unnerving because I never know what kind of ideas I’ll get in my head. I have enough wild dreams of what I want my life to be. I don’t need more, but it always seems to expand.

I’m not wanting to come off as entitled or that my goals are somehow more extravagant. To be totally honest, I’ve been reading a lot of perspective-shifting books (my way of saying: I read a lot of self help books). This has really changed how I view my interactions with the world; with people, the earth, and myself.

It’s odd how what they write about becomes so obviously true. The energy you put out to the world is what you receive back. If you work hard and believe you are working with the world instead of against it, life begins to align. I am starting to pay attention to my habits. When I truly feel like I can accomplish what I want to in this life and put those vibes out there, opportunities start coming out of the walls. When I fall into the 9:00-5:00 routine it’s as if I can see the potential connections shrivel up.

Tent under stars

There was a moment this month where I had an entire alpine lake to myself. The water was like glass. Rain hitting my face meditatively. My friends were sleeping soundly in their tents. Maybe I was delirious from hiking, but I swear it felt like the world stopped while I was sitting there alone at that lake. Like the universe was telling me: the world is your canvas, fill it with color, vibrance and life.

I truly hope in all my encounters with people and the earth that I leave them better than I found them. Leave a vibrant mark.

Brenna at the lake

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